Video Game & Web Art

Disney's Molly McGee - "Band Shell Boo-Nanza!"

I was sole artist on gameplay UI, environment art and interactable elements for this wonderful and spirited time management game. I contributed as lead artist on any elements not mentioned.

Lego Batman - "Street Vengeance"

The Lego Batman: "Street Vengeance" game was an html5 project crafted to support the release of "The Batman" movie. I was sole environment and vehicle artist on this game, and also assisted with some UI. I also created the enemy vehicles and fx used for their attacks - showcased here are Riddler and Penguin.

spinmaster - "rubik's scramble"

This project was for a Rubik's Cube game on SnapChat. I was lead artist for the UI, graphic design and illustration shown in these samples. I especially enjoyed painting the Daily Rewards chest and item rewards to simulate 3D, as these were 2D illustrations.

"Playsets" App - CHaracter and enviro art

Environment and character art I created for the "Playsets" app on mobile and Steam. This was an isometric sandbox tool used for DnD map building and remote play, and creatively, was a fun exercise in balancing aesthetics with optimized functionality using their grid system. The last 2 images were sketches for a graveyard/ossuary, though I never saw those to completion.

Disney's Eureka - "Prehistoric Puzzles"

I was lead artist in creating all UI, environment and interactables art for this game. I'm including an example of how I broke up the repeatable tiles for the environments I created. I did this for each level to maximize load efficiency, especially when viewed on mobile, and allow our game design team to have more control over puzzle variation.

Mattel's American girl - "Photo Booth"

I was primary artist for this project, and solely created all art featured in the following samples.  Players could select any combination of accessories, frames, stickers etc they wanted to decorate their photos from the lefthand tabs. I wanted to theme it like a playful tactile scrapbook and had a ton of fun finding ways to incorporate that 3D, real-world creation feel into a digital user interface.

Disney's mickey mouse - "Delivery Dash"

These are all art assets I created for Disney's "Mickey Delivery Dash" game. I was both Art Director and lead artist on this project and created all environments, UI, in-game assets and screens for this game.

Disney's sulphur springs - "race against time"

I worked alongside our art director to come up with the UI and gameplay elements for this moody mystery game.

Floor 84 studio x roblox - "Play Cats" universe - "Tag", "Friend rescue", "hide & Seek" and "Adopt".

"Play Cats" is an original IP developed by Floor 84 Studio. We put out multiple games on Roblox under this umbrella, the most popular of which has 30+ million plays. I learned the Roblox 3D engine alongside my team, and touched multiple elements of these projects. On "Friend Rescue" - gave art direction to develop overall look and feel; was lead UI artist, created some decorative elements in Qubicle and worked in the Roblox dev kit to decorate the map. In "Tag" and "Hide & Seek" I led environment art and decoration. On all games I assisted with promo art and concepting.

...And SO much more

At this point I've contributed art toward innumerable games and had a hard time narrowing down favorites to showcase above. Here's a misc assortment of others, but there were so many more. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions about my work!